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There isn't a huge amount of academic writing about regulation, other than competition/economic regulation. But I have enjoyed reading the work of the following writers, listed in alphabetic order, with links to papers on this website. (I would greatly welcome introductions to the easily accessible work of other experts - including from academics themselves. Please email me

Competition Policy & Economic Regulation

Economic regulation is very well researched by both lawyers and economists, not least because there can be huge amounts of money at stake so there is a ready audience for such analysis. I always enjoy reading work by Amelia Fletcher, Catherine Waddams and David Reader, all at the Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia. Their following papers are on this website:

Dieter Helm and George Yarrow (both Oxford University) are very respected (if sometimes controversial) commentators on utility regulation policy.

Dieter Helm's papers on this site are:

George Yarrow's papers on this site are:

Further Reading

Every serious student of regulation will have a copy of The Oxford Handbook of Regulation, edited by Robert Baldwin, Martin Cave and Martin Lodge ... and probably also Achieving Regulatory Excellence edited by Cary Coglianese.


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